Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thinking out loud

Aaron's mom is coming down in a couple weeks to help me assemble Sydney's bedding so I figured I should probably get some idea together of how I'd like to arrange the fabrics. I'm just the slightest bit obsessive compulsive so typically things like this take me days or weeks to decide. I decided to sit down and make a little layout of sorts to fill in with my fabrics and see it that might help speed things along. To my surprise, IT DID!! I think I've made up my mind already! Of course my choice means buying MORE fabric and not using 2 yards of fabric I've already bought but they'll be lots of other uses for that.

So, on side one, we'll have the floral all the way down.

For side two, I went with option 2. I'll have to make another run to Joann's for the polka dot fabric but I really like the look of the big polka dots more than the tiny ones.

This was another option that I liked but not as much as the one above. Since I'm using the solid pink for the bumpers, I've decided to use the swirls for the ties and hopefully I can get started on those today or tomorrow.

I would would love to say the designing part is done but I still have the crib skirt to figure out and then I need to figure out if I want to make crib sheets, use white or figure out something else.

After looking over what I've got with Aaron, we came up with one other possibility for side two..

Obviously, if we go with option 3, the ties will be polka dot for side one as well.


  1. Oh goodness! All the choices are adorable. I like the first two the best though. I can't wait to see pics of the WIP!

  2. Love the fabrics!! Can't wait to see it all together!!