Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Homemade Edible Arrangement

Today was our 4th anniversary!! The traditional gifts for 4th anniversary are fruits/flowers so I thought it'd be a nice treat to order Aaron a edible arrangement and have it delivered. Then I found out how much they cost. lol Long story short, I figured I could manage a decent enough arrangement on my own so off the kids and I went to H-E-B to gather supplies! Here's a little picture walk thru of our creation.

What you'll need:

"Helpers" (optional)

Sliced Pineapple (thank you kind HEB employee who did this for me!)

Freshly rinsed strawberries

Grapes fresh out of the bath

Cantelope (preferably a ripe one...oops)

Then you just add fruit randomly to skewers.

SEE, even 4 year olds can do it!!

We used a flower cookie cutter to cut flowers out of pineapple slices and little balls (cut in half) of cantelope for the flower center or "pollen" as Aidan called it. Place the skewers in floral foam and cover with lettuce or any other leafy green.

The finished product!

*It's beneficial if you just go ahead and buy a cute container at the store instead of getting home to realize you don't have much more than a ziplock storage container to use as a base.

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