Sunday, May 31, 2009


So try as I may, I've not been so good at keeping up with my blog lately. The month of May was nuts and June is shaping up to be just about as crazy. Again, I am so thankful we can make little trips here and there to visit with friends and family.

Aidan was super sick last weekend. He went from having an allergy flare up to pneumonia in less than two days. Needless to say, I panicked a bit. We've got him set up to do allergy testing on the 11th which will hopefully help us get a handle on these little episodes. He was SUCH a trooper at the ER last Saturday night. Poor guy got an IV AND a shot in his bum. The IV was supposed to keep him from having to be stuck agian but the nurse messed up and took it out before giving him the injection. Obviously he doesn't work with children too much. Aidan has recovered very well and hopefully in a couple weeks we'll have a more effective plan of action.

Hannah is such a little mommy. Whether it's one of her baby dolls or her brother, she's always taking care of someone. Her "parenting" has actually had a huge impact on mine. When I hear her repeating some of the less desirable things I've said when she's correcting her babies, it doesn't sound appropriate at all. I guess that's just one more part of this learning process called child rearing.

Aaron is Aaron. What can I say? He's driven me a little more nuts than usual lately but he's a man and apparently that's just what they do. I have found that I have the hardest time dying to self when it comes to him. I want to be the wife God has created me to be but some days my desire to serve and submit are replaced with the desire to fuss and scream. Being a wife is tough work (it's right up there with manual labor and parenting) but I'd much rather put some time and effort into my marriage now than wake up one day when the kids are grown and wonder who my husband really is. Aaron is such an awesome man and I'm so very thankful God placed him in my life.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just a little update

It seems as though we've been running 90 different directions over the past few weeks. Dear friends of ours lost their mother the week before Mother's Day and I was blessed with the opportunity to go and visit with the family and help out a bit with their beautiful daughters. Then we headed to Conway, AR for my youngest sister's graduation. It was a lot of driving but I'm glad we were able to be there for her big moment and spend a little time with family. This week has consisted of recovering from a stomach bug and getting the house and life back in some sort of order before we hit the road yet again. It seems we're always super busy this time of year but I'm just so thankful that we CAN go and visit our family and friends.

Today marked a fresh new start for another very dear friend of mine. Yesterday was Kendra's last day of work and now she joins the ranks as a stay at home mom. I'm so thankful she will be there to enjoy all of sweet little Bella's firsts and the many other joys of being at home. I couldn't imagine my life any other way and I know Kendra is really going to cherish this time. I think I've told her a million times that this will be the most important, difficult and rewarding thing she'll ever do.

What's a new entry without pics? Here's a few from the last week or so:

Rachel, Robert, Me, Aaron, Beccah & Keith

Bea & the proud Poppa

The Grad!

Hanni riding Aidan's gator

Aidan helping Daddy mow