Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

3x Thursday - Halloween edition

1. Do you go trick or treating door to door or to a fall festival, trunk or treat, etc?

2. Do your kids pick their own costumes?

3. What type of treats do you hand out at your house?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This week's blog assignment at My Great Retreat is to create an acrostic using the letters of my first name to describe myself. I'm usually not so great with things like this but I'll give it a shot!

Seriously loves to clean!
A lover of the Lord!
Really interested in photography
A little bit OCD
Happy to serve my family

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This week's blog assignment at My Great Retreat is to take this quiz. I was really hoping for apple cider (my fav) or something warm and fuzzy but my result was beer. REALLY? Because we watch a lot of football around here, I'm BEER?!?! These quizzes are always entertaining!

You Are Beer

You are a social organizer of sorts. Whether you're at Oktoberfest or watching the big game, you're always ready to crack open a beer with a few friends.

You wouldn't say that fall is your favorite season. You tend to love all the seasons equally.

You enjoy getting together with your friends for all sorts of occasions, and fall fun is no exception.

Whether you're at a wild Halloween party, picking pumpkins, or going for a hayride ... you know how to have a blast during this time of the year.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Want it Wednesday!

I see things all the time that I'd like to have but THIS is something I've GOT to have!

Rainbow vacuum good-2 Pictures, Images and Photos

A Rainbow cainster vacuum cleaner! I was told they cost thousands of dollars but I've already found a few online that run around $1300 which makes this baby a lot more feasible than I originally thought. I borrowed a neighbor's today and it did a kick-butt job of cleaning my carpet (which apparently had never been cleaned until we moved into this house *gag*). I cannot wait to own one!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

How the Carter's fight the sickies!

Since my kids were born prematurely, I've always felt I did a pretty good job of being careful during cold/flu season and about germs in general. Now that we've learned a simple cold mixed with some allergy triggers can result in a hospital stay for Aidan, I've vowed to be even more careful. Trying to find a balance between helicopter, germ freak mom and aware but not paranoid mom has been difficult, but ultimately I just want to keep my kids well. Germs and illnesses are unavoidable (unless a kid in a bubble is your idea of fun) so I've found it best to be dilligent about handwashing and have a plan for when the sickies surface. love it and it does some serious damage control when it comes to coughing. I'm not really into holistic treatments but I'm also not really into pumping any more medication that necessary into my children, especially when it usually doesn't work. When the kids had coughing/congestion as toddlers, our pedi would prescribe medication while telling me it probably wouldn't help them. Great huh?! Then one day I read somewhere that a spoonful of honey is a great treatment for coughs. I was skeptical, but it worked!! And since it's honey, the kids were more than happy to take a "dose" when their coughing would get out of hand.
**Never give honey to children under the age of 1.**

For stuffy noses and congestion, we do a Vick's vapor rub and saline routine. A few days of saline squirts in their noses and Vick's on their chests/backs and things start getting back to normal. Again, this tends to sit better with me than loading them up on cold meds. (In our house, congestion or cough also means albuterol breathing treatments for Aidan since things can go south rather quickly for him.)

I'm a firm believer that fever happens for a reason, to fight infection. That said, I'm not willing to let a fever go completely untreated. We do rub downs with lukewarm washcloths and the usual tylenol or motrin.

What about you? Have any home remedies or tips on how to fight the sickies? I'd love to hear 'em!