Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This week's blog assignment at My Great Retreat is to take this quiz. I was really hoping for apple cider (my fav) or something warm and fuzzy but my result was beer. REALLY? Because we watch a lot of football around here, I'm BEER?!?! These quizzes are always entertaining!

You Are Beer

You are a social organizer of sorts. Whether you're at Oktoberfest or watching the big game, you're always ready to crack open a beer with a few friends.

You wouldn't say that fall is your favorite season. You tend to love all the seasons equally.

You enjoy getting together with your friends for all sorts of occasions, and fall fun is no exception.

Whether you're at a wild Halloween party, picking pumpkins, or going for a hayride ... you know how to have a blast during this time of the year.

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