Thursday, January 28, 2010

Underwear at the Library

So Thursday is story time at the library. Each week they do a new letter theme and this week's letter is "u". The chick that reads (who i will lovingly refer to as reading chick or RC) picked up a book that had underwear in the title and this is what unfolded....

RC: blah blah blah Underwear by so and so
Hannah: my daddy wears underwear. he doesn't sleep in underwear though.
RC: oh...well....ok

The other moms all found it quite funny. Thankfully it was a small group today but we see these people EVERY week. I stepped outside to call Aaron to tell him thinking he'd be a little miffed but i dont' think i've heard him laugh that hard in quite some time. I was crying i was laughing so hard. I told aaron he now has a "get out of story time free" pass. Oh and just so ya'll don't think my husband struts around naked in front of my kiddos, Aaron sleeps in those mesh-like basketball shorts.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I think we may have a problem...

A "we own way too many bows" problem! haha This isn't even all of them and there are TONS more I'd love to buy. I had started a new bow hanger for Hannah right after we moved (in July...oops!) and decided to finish assembling it today. I guess I should have taken a "before" picture because once the bows were added the cuteness of the hanger sort of got lost in all the bows. Hannah was very excited to have a pretty place for her bows again. (they had been hanging on a single ribbon in her closet)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

long time no blog..

We've been busy recovering from the holidays, schooling and entertaining company so the blog has been neglected just a bit.

Aidan finally agreed to get his hair cut this past weekend so my little shaggy guy now looks like a totally different kiddo. Now Hannah has decided that cutting her hair off is a good idea too. :( I've been trying to convince Aaron that we should cut it and donate her hair to Locks of Love but he's having a hard time letting go. Now that SHE is asking Mommy is having a hard time letting go.

We had a little scare with the baby last week as I thought Hannah may have contracted Fifth Disease (harmless to her, potentially deadly to an unborn child). Blood work revealed that I am immune (PRAISE THE LORD) and we were very relieved to hear that! Only 3 more weeks until we know if we're adding a brother or a sister to our family!

Here are some new pictures of the kids and one of their latest preschooling projects!

Taking a break to smile for mommy!

He loves to doodle!

We finally finished last week's Four Seasons crafts!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hannah & Aidan say thank you!

Instead of trying to keep their attention to write out individual thank you notes, I thought I'd have Hannah and Aidan help me create virtual ones! They each typed out the message and chose the colors and shapes. I hope everyone who blessed our family this Christmas knows how deeply grateful we are!


I keep putting off my post-Christmas blog post but figured I should do it before any more time passes. We had a fun visit to Atlanta (Texas) for Christmas with my family and my sister's graduation. Being gone for a week and 6 hours of driving each way wore this mama out but I am thankful we could make the trip. The kids and I arrived home just in time to prep the house for the arrival of Aaron's side of the family. We were so blessed to have them (including Aaron's 90 & 91 year old grandparents) here to celebrate the birth of Jesus with us. It was a little crazy in our little house but I'm glad they were all able to be here. The kids were spoiled with more toys than I thought their room could hold but somehow we managed to squeeze it all in. It helped a ton that we did our annual toy purge & donation before Christmas.

May God bless richly bless you in 2010!!!

More Christmas pics to come soon!