Tuesday, January 19, 2010

long time no blog..

We've been busy recovering from the holidays, schooling and entertaining company so the blog has been neglected just a bit.

Aidan finally agreed to get his hair cut this past weekend so my little shaggy guy now looks like a totally different kiddo. Now Hannah has decided that cutting her hair off is a good idea too. :( I've been trying to convince Aaron that we should cut it and donate her hair to Locks of Love but he's having a hard time letting go. Now that SHE is asking Mommy is having a hard time letting go.

We had a little scare with the baby last week as I thought Hannah may have contracted Fifth Disease (harmless to her, potentially deadly to an unborn child). Blood work revealed that I am immune (PRAISE THE LORD) and we were very relieved to hear that! Only 3 more weeks until we know if we're adding a brother or a sister to our family!

Here are some new pictures of the kids and one of their latest preschooling projects!

Taking a break to smile for mommy!

He loves to doodle!

We finally finished last week's Four Seasons crafts!

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