Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Get out & vote!

Today is the day of the Texas primaries so I took the kiddos along with me to vote. Before we left, I searched the net for pretend voter cards for the kids and FINALLY found some. They were with us when we voted in the past presidential primary & election but didn't remember it much so I thought feeling like they were a part of the process would be fun for them. I was so thrilled that the ladies at the polling place made a huge fuss over them, having them sign their cards, stamping them and then giving each kiddo a sample ballot to fill in while I did mine. Hannah and Aidan had a lot of fun and while they may not understand the process very well yet, I'm thankful for the opportunity to take them along and teach them the importance of voting at a young age.

Here they are ready to walk out the door

By the way, the skirt Hannah is wearing is yet ANOTHER one I've made for her. She was eager to help/watch me make it this morning so that she could wear it today. When we got home she requested I make her another one. haha

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  1. I love how they got to "vote." You are so on top of things like that, it's awesome!