Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's Day

Last night we watched a Veggie Tales short about St. Patrick and his work as a missionary in Ireland. Then we started off the morning with a Shamrock/Holy Trinity craft and an attempt by mommy to explain the Trinity. I was very pleased that the video and the craft opened up quite the dialogue at breakfast this morning. The kids found it quite silly that people prayed to twigs (one of the Veggie Tales illustrations) and asked lots of questions about how we can talk to God, how He can talk to us, etc. I'm excited to begin discussing Easter with them now.

For breakfast, we made green pancakes and the kids had green milk to drink. Since I didn't have a shamrock cookie cutter, I did my best to arrange the pancakes in a shamrock-like shape. I wasn't all that proud of how they turned out but the kids really enjoyed their green breakfast. We somehow forgot to unload the freezer bag after our trip to Target yesterday so my frozen veggies began thawing and need to be cooked ASAP. Works out perfectly as I had grabbed bags of brussel sprouts (Han and I LOVE them) and sugar snap peas (a family fav) so we'll have a green lunch too! Later this afternoon we're going to make rainbow cupcakes too!

March 17th is also the day our beloved Belle (the dog) was born so we've done a little celebrating with her this morning too.

Here are a few pictures from our morning....


  1. Cool! Lauren totally turned her nose up to the green milk I gave her this morning. I'm going to put chocolate in it for lunch so it doesn't go to waste. See if she'll drink it then! lol

    The trinity shamrocks are neat!

  2. haha that's too funny! h & a drank it up!

  3. Love it! We're baking shamrock cupcakes right now :)