Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

We were blessed to have family visiting this past weekend to join us for Easter festivities. Aaron smoked a DELISH pork shoulder and everyone kept busy with sanding furniture for the nursery, shopping, snocones, jumping on the trampoline, yummy meals, an easter egg hunt and lots of pictures. Saturday morning, we took Hannah and Aidan to a park here in Hutto for the community. They were so overwhelmed by the mass of children running towards them to snatch up candy that they just clung to one another and managed to pick up a few pieces of candy each. I was so thankful I caught these moments on camera because it's one of THE sweetest things I've ever witnessed my children do.

As sweet as it was to witness them stick together in a "tough" situation, it was even more sweet to hear them retell the REAL reason we celebrate on Easter morning. We're pretty open about Santa and the Easter bunny being just for fun/pretend but the kids still enjoy the worldly traditions of eggs, candy and presents. It's so wonderful to see them always come back to Jesus and how important He is.

Easter is also one time of year that I try to coordinate all of us in matching attire. Since the weather was yucky we weren't able to get any great pictures outside but managed a few good ones indoors despite the cruddy lighting.

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  1. Those last 2 of the kids at your belly are just wonderful!