Saturday, April 24, 2010

2 down, 1 to go!

Aaron has now refinished the crib and chest of drawers and only lacks painting the changing table!! The chest of drawers proved to be a bit of a challenge (the inside had to be rebuilt in order to replace the drawer guides among other things) but my handy hubby came through with ease. :) Once the changing table is done, we can get our guest bed out of the nursery and into the garage for storage and I can get the decorating done. It's looking like we may actually finish the room by early June like we'd hoped!

While Aaron was finishing up the chest of drawers the last couple days, I was busy creating some artwork for the nursery. I bought a ton of different size canvases when Michaels had them on sale a couple weeks ago and couldn't pass up the chance to create something (on the cheap) for the girls' room.


  1. love the hardware on the dresser against the white!

  2. thanks!! gotta love spray paint! ;)