Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ummm...I believe there's something wrong with this picture!

Do you see it?

Today was "V" day at the library's storytime. The librarian filled in today and read lots of books about vegetables. Great right? Well she mentioned french fries a couple times when asking the kids to name vegetables and it threw me off a little but I just blew it off. Then we head over to the craft table after storytime and lo and behold....FRENCH FRIES!!! For a veggie collage! haha I get that they're made from potatoes but there's something about the deep fried in grease part that causes me to feel they don't really deserve the "good for you veggie" title.

For what it's worth, my kids hardly ever eat french fries. I know, weird, but salad is at the top of their favorite foods list so what can I say. They did find it a bit entertaining to hear me sharing our veggie experience with a friend on the phone as we left the library though and were very proud of their veggie crafts!


  1. Lol! That is J's favorite vegetable. I can only hope that when we have kids they take after me and not him.. haha! I love that your kiddo's are veggie fans!

  2. That's so funny, and yet so sad!!