Monday, February 22, 2010

Make a Difference Monday

Yesterday I heard about an idea for Make a Difference Monday on KLOVE (the Christian radio station I listen to). They suggested people pay for tolls for the people behind them, pay for the next fellow's coffee in the drive thru at starbucks, etc. When I heard the idea, I immediately thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to encourage a servants heart in my children and to provide them with opportunities to show love to others.

For today's project, we baked chocolate chip cookies together and took a bunch to the Hutto Police Department. The kiddos also drew thank you notes to deliver along with the cookies. As Aidan was drawing, he told me his card was for a GIRL officer and we were lucky enough to catch a female crime lab tech while we were waiting to visit with a police officer when we made our deliveries. She was afraid he'd be disappointed she wasn't a "real" police officer but Aidan was so thrilled. He had drawn her holding balloons (I don't question the 4 year old mind) and it just so happened that her birthday was coming up. It also happened to be the birthday of the officer who came out to talk to the kiddos. The officers were kind enough to give each of the kids a Junior Hutto Police Officer badge and sticker which they've been sporting around ever since.

I honestly expected a little hesitation from Hannah and Aidan on this but I was proud that they were such willing participants. When I mentioned the idea this morning and explained why we were doing it, they were eager to get to work on the cards and cookies.


  1. That is so wonderful! I love the idea and you know, I can swear that I heard it too. I don't know if it was on klove or somewhere else, but it was recent. I think teaching them stuff like that is very important at this age and I think I'm going to copy you. Maybe we can brainstorm it all week and then come next Monday, do it. Then brainstorm again for the following week.

  2. sounds like a plan!!! i know i'll need help coming up with ideas as we go along. since mondays are our trash days, our project for next week will be pulling a few neighbors' trash carts and recycle bins up to their houses. the kids asked if we could do the entire street! haha