Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catching up

The kiddos and I took a little extended weekend trip to Tyler and Lufkin this past week/weekend. During our Tyler visit we wound up without hot water or electricity and then about 4 inches of snow fell overnight our last night there. The kids enjoyed playing in it a bit while we waited on the roads to clear up so we could head to Lufkin. The Lufkin trip was much less eventful but much more enjoyable due to the fact that we had heat and were able to take hot showers. Somewhere along the way the kids left their coughs/colds and I picked up yet ANOTHER sinus infection. After two days spent mostly in bed, I'm finally able to breathe somewhat normally and I'm hoping to get things back in order around here.

Yesterday morning while mommy laid in bed, Aidan was busy creating his latest masterpieces. I must say, I am VERY proud of these two drawings. The one on the left is a bluebird eating an apple with two apple trees and the wind blowing (towards the right if it wasn't obvious). The second is a "red robin" hanging out among the apple trees. Aaron and I just keep looking at the first wondering to ourselves how our four year old came up with such a detailed and creative drawing. These two never cease to amaze us!

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