Friday, February 26, 2010

She Sews! Saturday

Yeah, I'm an hour early. Shoot me! haha

Tonight I managed to finish up two new dresses for Miss Hannah. I came across a bandana dress tutorial and I liked the overall style of the dress but wanted more options for prints so I chose to tweak it and use fabric instead of bandanas. I also decided on the first one to make my own straps from fabric instead of the suggested 1.5" ribbon. The straps we a bit of a pain but I just love the way they look on the dress. The second dress went rather quickly since I chose to use ribbon but I don't love it as much. Ahh well. Hannah is thrilled to have new dresses and I'm still in shock that I've been able to make them for her.

Adding one more I finished this (Saturday) afternoon!!

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  1. So adorable!

    Where did you find the pattern at?