Sunday, February 21, 2010

She Sews!!

While my grandmother was here to help me along, I decided to take on a little sewing project. Quite some time ago I came across this tutorial and just LOVED the little skirt (the Amy Butler fabrics probably helped that along a bit haha). I kind of took her idea and did my own thing but ultimately, it's the same principle. This morning we got to work assembling and sewing and had most everything but the waist finished up by the time my grandmother and family left for home. GG helped with the bottom band of fabric and explained to me how to gather the top (a little scary to me at first), my mom and dad added some input on construction and somehow I managed to complete it. Hannah just loves her twirly skirt and maybe, just maybe I'll make her another one one of these days. Sewing doesn't come naturally to me at all but I'm beginning to enjoy it more and more.

My little model

A closer look

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