Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We finished up our mammal study last week and the kids agreed to start with reptiles next. Hannah got to pick which category we started with and chose turtles/tortoises and I was very thankful that we got to push back snakes a week or two. ;) Aidan keeps reassuring Hannah and I that snakes are NOT creepy in pictures or behind glass at the zoo, they are only creepy in the wild. I've really enjoyed our little impromptu animal study and they seem to as well. It ought to be easy enough to continue with once Sydney arrives since most of our learning comes from reading library books and discussing them.

Yesterday we did a little turtle/tortoise craft to pass some time since we've kinda been cooped up this week. Hannah and Aidan painted paper plates then we added a head and legs, stapled the plates together and poured a few beans into the middle to make turtle tambourines! They each added their inital to the turtle shell with some mod podge and glitter.

Today I decided that I needed to make something for my little guy since there's been so much fuss over the nursery (which will eventually be the girls' room). Extinct or not, dinosaurs are definitely Aidan's favorite reptiles and he's requested dinosaur decor when Hannah makes the move into the girls' room later down the road. Hannah fell asleep on the couch so Aidan and I picked a dinosaur I thought I might be able to freehand and then he helped choose colors that will coordinate with we'll one day do in his room. I was very surprised that what I drew/painted actually does favor a dinosaur quite a bit. The most important thing was that he loved it.

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