Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Busy, Busy!


I decided to go ahead and throw the crib skirt together rather quickly tonight. One little corner of the nursery is almost completely done!

This verse is one that I really want my kiddos (specifically my girls) to know and find comfort in of as they grow up. Sometimes this world is really harsh but God does NOT make mistakes!! I ordered the vinyl lettering and then found a piece of wood the EXACT size I needed in the garage when we were cleaning up the other day. I finally got around to painting it and applying the lettering & ribbon today. For now it will hang about Sydney's crib.

This was my first project of the day. I made a cover for my camera strap. I change my mind and way too often to do something permanent and thankfully I found a tutorial for one that is rather easily removed. After I finished the strap cover this morning I got tons of housework done and tonight after dinner I got started on the crib skirt. It's a little bittersweet to see my to-do list getting smaller and smaller. I'm so excited to meet my littlest girl and I've really enjoyed this time of preparation as it's given me a lot of opportunities to be creative and productive.


  1. the verse plaque is just perfect!!

  2. You are so good! Everything is coming out so nice!

  3. awww!!! my fav pic is the last. CUTE BABY BELLY!!! you look great! :) and of course, i'm a fan of all the pink!!!