Monday, June 14, 2010

One week!

Ummmm....yeah... so this morning I have my last prenatal appointment of this pregnancy and as of next Monday morning at this time, we'll officially be a family of 5! I must have some sort of weird wiring because suddenly I'm just not sure if I'm ready for this. Since yesterday, when reality started to sink in, I've been fighting becoming this weepy, needy, clingy person that I know is just under the surface. Most women in my shoes are doing everything imaginable to get labor going and apparently I "look" ready because I've had several people tell me I "look like [I'm] ready to be done." I'm not sure if that means I look huge or I look awful but apparently I've got "the look". haha

I'm so ready to meet this little girl so I'm going to blamed this sudden burst of tears on hormones and leave it at that. We have a busy week planned and Aaron begins paternity leave on Saturday so I'm hoping time will just fly by and I won't have much time to sit and dwell.

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