Thursday, September 3, 2009

1st practice

Tonight the kids had their first soccer practice. It went really well, all the kids played well together but leaving was another story. We had two (one of them was Aidan) who DID NOT want to go home. haha I think the kids are going to have a blast!

A little update....every night at bedtime, Aaron has been talking to the kids about soccer. He goes over the "rules", asks them questions, etc. Being the creatures of habit that they are, they asked him tonight to talk about soccer again so I asked them what their favorite part of practice was. Their answers were SO typical Hannah and Aidan. Aidan had TWO favorites, keeping the ball inside the white lines and keeping the balls inside the orange cones (a little drill we did with them). Ready for Hannah's? Hannah's favorite part was kicking the ball OUTSIDE of the white lines. hahaha That child is all for games without boundaries or rules but once you start adding rules into the mix, she's off picking daisies. :) I have a feeling she might contribute a few gray hairs to mama's head when she gets a bit older.

Here are a few pictures I snapped as we were walking out the door:

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