Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sarah's Sunday Spill

Today we visited a church in Round Rock. It was so refreshing to actually TALK to people instead of being ignored. Whether or not this church is "the one", there was definitely a reason for us to be there today. As I mentioned Wednesday, I've really felt attacked this week as we began our first week of learning at home. That exact thing was a topic of discussion in Sunday School this morning (James 4:1-11). I found myself literally giggling (quietly) as the class leader began this particular part of the discussion and hearing other people share definitely made me feel a lot better. It seems so "churchy" to say "the devil is attacking me" but that's exactly what he has been doing. He is ALWAYS there looking for a way to separate us from God. His hope is that we'll focus so much on the world, that will take our eyes off the cross.

We begin our second week of "somewhat structured learning" tomorrow and character trait of the week is "obey". This should be a very interesting week!

Hanni lounging with Belle & sipping yogurt

Being silly before church (amazingly we had time to kill)

I thought it was funny that Barbie grabbed Aidan.

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