Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stool Revamp!

We have these two plain jane, honey colored stools that once served as plant stands but the kids have used them for the last couple years when they help me cook (almost nightly).

I've been really needing a creative outlet lately so I decided to revamp them.  I've tried to keep the colors in my kitchen/dining room bright and cheery!   The main colors are black and red and I've added some aqua and lime green as well.  (These also happen to be the colors I chose for my fiestaware!)  We had a half gallon or more of black paint in the garage so I was going to just paint them black but then I decided to add in some color.  Polka dots for the first one (Hannah's) and I'm thinking I may do stripes for Aidan's.

Alrighty...blogger is being goofy so I'll have to try to add the before pic later on.

1 comment:

  1. cute, love the colors! I want to be crafty but havent been inspired to do so...I am too worried to start something I can't finish before baby arrives.